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This table is made from a flexible vinyl and it's water-proof.

Dimensions: 9" H x 6.8" W (23cm H x 17.9 cm W) aprox.

These tables are for EAN32% use with EAN32% as deco gas. The 15 foot (4.5m) stops MUST be taken at 15 feet (4.5m). These tables are based on the Bühlmann's ZHL-16 Algorithm for 0-1000 feet (0-300 m) above sea level. They were produced using Cybortronix DPA Software. The repetitive dive group are not transferable to ANY other tables. A three minute safety stop is required for all dives. These tables DO NOT take into consideration the physical condition of the diver, difficulty of dive, water temperature, etc...

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to use these tables unless you are fully trained & certified in the use of Gas Mixtures Other than Air, or are under the supervision of a Gas Mixtures Other Than Air Instructor. Proper use of these tables will reduce the risk of decompression sickness & oxygen toxicity, but no table or computer can eliminate those risks.

WARNING: The user of this product must assume all risks associated with this product.